The Manchester Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns

Our clinics

Each of our consultants with their trainees runs ‘General’ clinics seeing both new patients and individuals for post-treatment follow up at the hub sites of Wythenshawe or RMCH.   However here at the Manchester Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns we also are able to offer a range of dedicated specialist clinics which are detailed here.


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Brachial Plexus/Nerve Clinic

Once monthly Mr BedfordMr Duff and Mr Mishra run a clinic dedicated to patients with injuries of the main nerves to the upper limb, as well as nerve problems, such as tumours elsewhere in the body.

Every two months, Mr Bedford and Mr Mishra run a clinic for adult patients with spasticity of the upper limbs, including botulinum toxin injections.

Burns Outreach Clinic

The award winning Burns Outreach Team will assess and manage small burns in this clinic as well as providing follow up for patients who have been discharged after an admission with larger injuries.   As with our Complex Wound Service, our Nurses are able to visit patients in other hospital or a home.

Children’s Hand Clinic

Mr Bedford and Mr Winterton hold regular paediatric hand clinics: Mr Winterton at Wythenshawe and Mr Bedford at RMCH .   These treat patients with congenital hand anomalies, and follow up children who have had surgery for traumatic hand injuries.   In addition Mr Winterton has an obstetrical brachial plexus multidsciplinary clinic, and Mr Bedford a Forearm Clinic, both held with Mr Nixon, children's orthopaedic surgeon, and Mr Bedford runs a congenital upper limb deficiency clinic with Dr Helen Locke at the Specialised Ability Centre in Sharston. We have specialist children’s physiotherapy and hand therapy to support this clinic.

Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic

Miss Beale, Miss Rivers and the full multidisciplinary team (MDT) run specialist cleft clinics at RMCH. 

Complex Wound Clinic/Outreach

This clinic is run by our two very experienced Plastic Surgery Specialist Nurses, with consultant assistance when called for, managing difficult wounds.   While treating the patients holistically, we have knowledge of and access to the most up-to-date wound care products and dressings to manage the most challenging wounds.   Once a surgical opinion has been made, our sisters offer an outreach service, visiting patients in peripheral hospitals or at home.

Specialised Ability Centre Clinic

Mr Bedford (Upper Limb) and Mr Sheikh (Lower Limb) attend a unique joint clinic with department of rehabilitation medicine to ensure that patients who have lost limbs can be fitted with the most state of the art prostheses, including surgical modification of limb amputations.

Dressing Clinic

We have a high throughput specialist nurse led dressing clinic which runs every day, this is the first point of contact for patients in the immediate post-operative period.

Ear Clinic

Miss Shah holds a monthly ear reconstructive clinic seeing patients referred with developmental ear anomalies or traumatic loss of the ear or its components.

Hand Clinic

Some members of the hand surgery team have clinics dedicated to complex hand problems, while other consultants will see hands as part of their general clinic.

Hand Therapy Clinic

We pride ourselves on having a world class hand therapy service.   The therapy clinic runs every day and is led by senior Occupational or Physiotherapists who have additional qualifications specialising in management of the hand.   The ‘Hand Room’ offers follow up exercises and splinting before and after hand surgery to maximise functional outcomes.   We have dedicated senior therapists who can perform steroid injections into the hand for conditions such as trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome.

As a centre treating patients with peripheral nerve injury our therapists are experienced in desensitisation, peripheral nerve regeneration mapping and assessment and techniques to maximise recovery of fine motor skills and sensibility.

Neurofibromatosis Clinic

Mr Duff is part of the extended team looking after patient with this genetic disorder which leads to formation of nerve sheath tumours.   This clinic is held at the Medical Genetics Department of Manchester Royal Infirmary, however any patients requiring surgery would usually be admitted to UHSM.

Oncoplastic Breast Clinic

Miss O’Ceallaigh and Mr Duncan attend joint Breast and Family History Clinics with the oncological breast surgeons at the Nightingale Centre within UHSM.   This allows patients to discuss both treatment of their cancer and breast reconstruction at the same forum.

Telemedicine Clinic

Our clinical support nurses run a skin lesion clinic in which patients’ history is assessed by the sisters and high resolution photographs of lesions are acquired, which are then examined by consultants in the kin oncology team.   This allows very efficient and yet thorough management of patients with potential skin malignancy.

Trauma Clinic

Each weekday we run a clinic at Withington Community Hospital to see patients who have sustained injuries and have presented primarily to A&E at one of our peripheral feeder hospitals.   These ‘walking wounded’ patients are assessed by our clinical support nursing team and a senior registrar for clinical examination and triage onto an appropriate trauma operating list. 

This service is run by our Advanced Clinical Practitioners Carolyn Flanagan and Caroline Webb, with support from the senior surgical team.

Wrist Clinic

Professor Lees holds a monthly clinic dedicated to traumatic or degenerative conditions leading to wrist pain or instability.